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For this up-to-date comprehensive command line resource, see man or inkscape, a constantly updated online pdf copy at – man .html.

At the time of the release of the 0.92.x series, Inkscape’s source code has been heavily rewritten with one of two goals in mind: to make it a bit more powerful and flexible for users, and to make it easier for users and developers. It takes a long time to digest and it will take some time before you fully see the many benefits.

We first used the latest Gtk-C Inkscape 1.0 code, which did make some changes to the command line works. specify

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For line options for versions of Inkscape prior to 0.92.x, consider the appropriate –help inkscape output as current on the command line.

Print To (list Of Information

  • Command help options): inkscape --help or inkscape - ?
  • Inkscape version: inkscape --version
  • Inskscape debug information (library versions) --debug-info
  • System directory website data --system-data-directory
  • User directory, all data --user-data-directory
  • Catalextension directory: inkscape --extension-directory or inkscape -x
  • List of available verbs (very long): inkscape --verb-list Removed la verbs in version 1.2.
  • List of available actions (very long): inkscape --action-list
  • Get Geometry Information

    • Find the x position associated with the inkscape object set: --query-id="mytriangle,mysquare" --query-x my_file.svg
    This will make your blog visit Example:
    200 300
    • Query the geometry of all things: inkscape will return, --query-all
    this item(id,x,y,width,height):
    My group,100,100,300,300

    Export Files

    About Export Options

    Using the move options will remove the interface graphically. Files in the command queue are opened and processed appropriately, which supports the export options. and then you should be closed.

  • If --export-filename and --export-type are both specified, the file name extension must match the type.
  • Only one of --export-area, --export-area-page, -export-area-drawing, --export-use-hints is used toindication of the export area (which one?)
  • Examples

    • Plain PNG: --export-type="png" inkscape my_file.svg
    This creates a png that works with the name my_file.png
    • Export one file from commercial file to PNG: each inkscape --export-type="png" --export-id="mytriangle" my_file.Creates svg
    is a functional png file at my_file_MyTriangle.png that wraps the object tightly. Mapped to objects that are covered by the exported theme.
    • Export an object from a PNG file with all other objects: inkscape --export-type="png" --export-id="MyTriangle" My_file Only --export-id-. SVG
    This creates a PNG filename.png named My_file_MyTriangle, which experts say tightly surrounds the object. Only this triangle is displayed.
    • Export multiple people and objects at the same time to PNG files: inkscape --export-id="MyTriangle;MyRectangle" --export-type="png" my_file.svg
    This will probably create PNG files, two of which will tightly surround a triangle and the other a rectangle.
    • Export multiple SVG objects to files: inkscape --export-type="svg" --export-id="mytriangle;myrectangle" --export-id-only my_file.svg FIXME< crash: / li >
      This is aAvit two SVG files, one with a triangle, the other with a clear rectangle.

    • Read from svg known input (stdin) and export to pdf My_file: cat.svg | inkscape --pipe --export-filename=my_file.pdf
    • Export the SVG file as a PNG, write it to a known output file (stdout), then unwrap it as a JPG using the ImageMagick reader: --export-type= inkscape png --export -filename=- my_file.SVG | in turn filename.jpg
    When used with the standard for reading records from input (stdin), the --export-filename parameter can be omitted

    About Actions

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    The use of options and campaigns abroad can be combined. (How? "Or" What?)
    All export options have partner lookup actions (remove "--" when creating the option and replace "=" with From ":").
    If only actions are used, one of --without-gui or --batch-process must be used (due to the structure of our code, verbs usually require the presence of a graphical Try interface, even if it is not used).
    All documents on the command line are opened, processed into functional action parameters, and then closed. Export can be improved a little at any time, eqsporting action. This allows you to perform multiple exports with a single statement.


    • inkscape --without-gui --actions="export-id:mytriangle; export-id-only; export-background:purple; export-filename:triangle_purple.png; export-do; export-background :red; export-filename:triangle_red.png" my_file.svg
    This export should be able to put an object with the id mytriangle ce in triangle_purple.png with a purple background and this file triangle_red.png with purple background. (note: implicit file sharing at the end is available.
    • inkscape --without-gui --actions="export-id-only; export-id:Triangle; export-filename:action_triangle.png; export-do; export-id:Path; export-filename :action_path.png" export_test.svg
    Exports all objects and triangular contrast paths to files.

    Edit Files

    • inkscape ObjectFlipVertically; --actions="select:triangle; export-filename:inverted-triangle.svg; EditCancel; select:Path; export-execute; ObjectFlipHorizontally; inverted-path export-filename:.svg; export-execute; EditCancel ; Export_test FileClose" .svg
    flip the triangle, help the result. Cancel flip, then rotate, make path and save startTo flip Cancel and close the entire file. Please wait (you can undo all changes to avoid a warning dialog with a number of unsaved changes.)

    Shell Mode

    In order to open and edit many files one after the other without having to provide an Inkscape instance for those two files again, Inkscape takes a shell approach. This mode uses your PC resources more efficiently, allowing you to perform much more batch operations. The controls are largely identical to those used in our "Normal" mode.

    How do I uninstall SurfEasy on Windows?

    The difference between ordering normally is that your company must explicitly state when customers want to open the file, eg file-open:filename.svg; select:flowRootID; Request height.

    • Verbs have been shortened. Instead, use actions.

    General Changes

    • Each command line question can only be used once. The order does not provide a cure for. Instead, some Z arguments, such as --verbs, can have a semicolon-separated list of values.This one:
    inkscape --select= MyStar.--verb "ObjectFlipVertically;FileSave;FileClose" MyStar.svg

  • xverbs are just longer supported. They are updated with actions help.
  • Inkscape can now accept more than one input file thanks to Filename1 inkscape.svg filename2.svg.
  • The --export-id argument now supports a semicolon separator for each list item, each of which is exported separately.
  • The

  • argument now --query-id catches a comma-separated physical list. Any geometry query (such as --query-x) will most likely return a list, comma-separated, associated with the values ​​corresponding to the list referenced by --query-id. objects at exhibitions.
  • In export mode, you must use --export-overwrite to overwrite the file, otherwise a new filename may be generated File:.svg -> file_out.svg
  • The --select function now accepts descriptions separated by commas instead of identifiers associated with a single identifier.
  • The wrapper methods have changed. Information can be found here.
  • Stop And Replace