Do you have a Windows troubleshooter?

Do you have a Windows troubleshooter?

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If error 042-326 appears three times in a row, the machine’s printing system may be disabled. To clear this error, the NVM 741-105 point must be reset to 0. The error indicates that the home position of the Belt ibt was not recognized during working hours. Try the procedure and another one below, if you keep getting the error, a nightmare is happening in the arena of the IBT machine. It could be something as simple as dirt on the sensor, a silvery spot on the base of the IBT strap, or it could have something to do with the tracking system on the IBT assembly.

Enter the service mode; Press the 0 key for 5 seconds, then press Start while holding the 6 key.

Enter 6789 as the exact password and then confirm the culture medium. Press enter / deactivate the signal relative to the button

Go System settings General maintenance methods Change the NVM 741-105 slot to two (on some models, the idea is 741-119), saveDue to restarting the machine.

If the problem recurs frequently, send an email to sales @ xentair. com and we will help you.

If error 042-326 is reported three times in a row, the print mode can be disabled on the machine. To clear this error, you need to reset each NVM 741-105 slot to help you to 0. The area of ​​the error is that the initial position of the ibt belt was absolutely not recognized in time. Try the procedure but lose weight. If you are still buying a bug, there is still a problem in the entire IBT area for the machine. It could be something as simple as dirt on the detector, missing silver spot on the bottom of the IBT strap, or perhaps something on the tracker on the IBT assembly.

To enter the mode; service Press the 0 button to find 5 seconds, then press the start button while continuing to hold the 0 button.

Enter 6789 to change, and then click Protect. Button to connect and disconnect from the press agenda

Access to device settings, general settings corrected. Change geogThe graphic position of NVM 741-105 is 2 (on some models it is only 741-119), register and change the machine.

If the error persists, write to us at , because that we can make it easier for you.

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