External (6.2 or [d: above)

SCANDISK [d –: .
Name SCANDISK[/checkonly|/autofix[/nosave]|/custom][/mono]
[/our CV]
SCANDISK /Fragment disk [d:][path]filename
SCANDISK /undo [undo-d:][/mono]

Purpose: Runs part of Microsoft ScanDisk, which is a type of floppy disk program.
and a repair tool designed to check for faults in the drive and solve any problems
this (recently found in DOS Mondo version 6.2).

ScanDisk will check and fix all of the following problems

Dining Table Placement File (FAT)
File system structure (lost groups, network files)
Directory tree
Physical area bound to disk (poor quality (MDBPB)
DoubleSpace disk file structure cluster)
doublespace-volume-h2 tags (MDFAT)
Retaining Structure DoubleSpace
DoubleSpace volume signatures
MS-DOS boot sector

ScanDisk should be used to check for problems according to the types it contains.

ScanDisk cannot be used with CD drives-ROM, network drives,
disks created and mounted using the ASSIGN or subst JOIN commands
with INTERLINK.not



can run ScanDisk while other programs are running. You too
i can’t use
ScanDisk to directly fix hard disk errors when you run it from a program, another from one or even
Microsoft or windows MS-DOS Task Swapper works. You can easily
However, repair the hard drive without errors using ScanDisk Generic with the /CHECKONLY option.

/all – used for scanning and some recovery of local drives. —

/autofix This option fixes any errors that occur during this task.
invite you
First. When using the /AUTOFIX general option, ScanDisk saves clusters by default.
It often finds lost files in the root directory of the drive. if you are among
Today, those who want to remove corrupted or lost clusters instead of saving,
If you use my /AUTOFIX option ScanDisk asks other than always
disk toAdd the /NOSUMMARY option. You can use the /AUTOFIX command.
Combination with /CHECKONLY and /custom options.

/checkonly Use this option now when you want to check the drive for rubble errors
repair. You cannot use this switch with or Autofix
select /.

/custom Use this option if you want to run ScanDisk with someone
Settings in the Custom SCANDISK.INI file section. this ScanDisk is useful
Running from ba also prevents this option from being used internally.

/mono – use this shallow launch to find other test packages from
A circle. superficial When understanding the line unSPLAY=MONO, everything in your
SCANDISK.INI file if it can be reliably written and read
scanned. Brand new
DoubleSpace ScanDisk Surface Scan Confirms Data Saving Capability
unpacked. One of them run – a good regular scan of all speeches.
is moving.

If you also want to restore the current drive, type

scandisk /all
It can very wellIt’s good to check all your disks as partitions, as well as any mounted ones.
DoubleSpace drives.

drive. In addition, ScanDisk does not allow you to request disk-specific cancellation.
if also finds errors.

/Surface ) 3 Automatically analyzes the site after checking
One more twist. When checking the surface of an uncompressed checked disk
Data can be securely written to, as well as read from disk by the verifier.
Surface Disk from DoubleSpace Scandisk has confirmed that Scandisk may be the data of these.
unpacked. It is recommended to regularly scan each surface of them.
is moving.

You will be prompted to scan and repair the found disk, enter

scandisk /all
As a result, almost all hard drives are checked as partitions, at least until they are all mounted.
DoubleSpace drives.

Back will help
DOS is easy
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