8 Best Ways to Fix Black Screen Problem on Windows Computer

The computer produces the image you see on the monitor at a specific size, often referred to as a “resolution”. with high resolution plus images look very clean, but their plus elements seem like a small part of the desktop, which is probably huge, making it almost impossible to get your work done.


  1. on an unused area of ​​the desktop and also select In Screen Resolution from the menu. You may need a Move tattoo depending on the visibility of the entire desktop. The Screen Resolution Control Panel window will open. If you don’t see it, press Alt+Space, press the down arrow four times, and then press Enter to open the window.

  2. Click the entire “Resolution” drop-down list and selectChange the wide resolution supported by your monitor. If any of the listed answers says “recommended”, you determine it. Otherwise, 1024 z 768 is definitely a gamble, you won’t visit the monitor manufacturer’s website to see what resolution they actually recommend.

  3. Click Apply. The window flashes when the computer switches to a new resolution. If the browser is black, it becomes wait a few seconds and it will be reset to the last permission number.


  4. Save Changes, then click OK.

  5. Each

A computer workstation problem is annoying, but one black screen, like the black facade of your business, tops the list. This article will tell you about some methods to fix the actual black screen issue on your trusted Windows computer. It’s like

yes, you feel like you’re in front of a computer when you show off to each other, but nothing black. Helpless.

Ultimately, the options for troubleshooting are limited. More professional, beginner cantry to find the launcher window behind. Wait,

but it’s often easy to find the culprit. Troubleshooting and too easy for long distance calls to dial a counterparty. You

Let’s first discuss the possibilities underlying the rationale, and then, if you like, move on to the solutions.

Before I continue with all the long solutions, I’m going to present some quick solutions. Try them first.

Quick Fix 1

I recommend restarting your computer if your organization hasn’t already done so. Some minor issues are permanently fixed with a simple reboot. Can

You are trying to turn off the device by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds. Then click “Create” to restart your computer. Quick 2


To solve the problem with tablet mode, press the volume up and down buttons at the same time three times two times for a few seconds. You will hear

You emit a short beep while searching for windows to activate the window.

Quick 3

If the cursor is is displayed in black, a message should appear on the screen asking you to restart Windows Explorer.

If you’re still not reading anything, go to options.

Actually, they are classified by severity, more from simple to more complex. More,

de I will have several options to prevent your device from appearing on a black screen again. These tools will also help your computer avoid the performance issues that plague you all the time, mostly in the Windows operating system.

Causes Of The Black Screen Of Death

Why is my computer screen enlarged?

If the photos on your desktop are larger than usual, the problem may be in the scaling settings.Windows. On Windows in particular, Magnifier is likely to become a problem when enabled. When the magnifier is on the screen, in full mode the entire show is magnified. It is believed that your operating system is more likely to use this mode if the desktop is maximized.

Unreliable TV Connection

Check. Make sure it’s in the correct recess.

If not, remove it, put it back in place and. Check if the issue is resolved.

You should try the spare cable or a similar cable from a friend on a non-standard monitor or computer.

External Devices

If your screen is breathing fast, try plugging in someone who can identify expensive hardware. Sections

The following concerns troubleshooting whenprovisions. This may seem difficult at first, but don’t assume you know the general tricks. Let’s go deeper.

Faulty Display Driver

Follow these steps to roll back your graphics card driver to an earlier, unmodifiable version:

How do you fix a shaky computer screen?

Update your pilot performance.
Download the latest drivers directly from the manufacturer.
Disable Windows desktopcrowd.com Manager.
Change the refresh rate.
Leave it to an experienced specialist.

Now search for and type Device Manager using the search box on the main taskbar.

Restart your device now. If the problem does not try to be fixed, change the “Update driver”, “Disable driver” and “Uninstall” options when the time is right.

Third-party Utilities

Sometimes applications such as a good third-party program can be the cause Antivirus .New Retrieval

list of applications installed on your current system. Reboot

and check if you are outside the black screen. Otherwise, continue to the next step.

Last Installations

Boot in safe mode and use System Restore to remove all settings. Restore

system is a utility preinstalled on every Windows laptop. WHOrotates your computer to a certain stable previous state.

In particular, all deleted application settings (and those installed on the system) are located after the purchased restore point. It’s like stepping back in time. This is

Please be sure your personal documents, photos such as documents, videos, etc. will not be deleted


Everything is fine, the computer is working fine.custom

How do I fix my enlarged computer screen?

Right-click a button on an empty area of ​​the desktop and select Screen Resolution from any menu.
Click the Resolution drop-down list and select a supported resolution for your monitor.
Click Apply. The browser flashes while the computer is adjusting to the new resolution.
Click Save Changes, then click OK.

An interface based on the motherboard manufacturer was used.

The idea is to load the default options (or extended default options) in the BIOS (or UEFI) utility.

To do this, restart your computer and load it into the BIOS (or into the uefi utility) in a certain way, depending on your motherboard. It expresses the use of specific Or keys (mostly f2 in delete) while starting.Startup From

Invalid Application

Some run on boot. Next, I will personally try to disable or possibly remove applications that run in the background after launch. Pay attention

you tSometimes it’s probably something like launching applications (or show processes and start automatically if you’re running Windows on older versions).

Once inside, turn off unnecessary apps so the launch is clean. Restart to see if each of our screens turns on again.

Incorrect Update

If you’re still reading this, it simply means that you’ve restored your previous version of Windows in time.

Because some versions of Windows updates may not be compatible with your sticker card driver; So it’s best to try this if none of the above methods have worked yet.you

However, you cannot remove mandatory updates. So we’re trying to remove it via messages. Do the following:

Why is my screen jittering?

Memory cache (only clear Android)
Similar to the store’s app cache, your phone’s system cache is the data store that your phone needs to run and function properly. When data connected to this phone’s GPU or corrupted is never handled properly, flickering becomes noticeable. In this case, clearing the memory cache will solve the problem.

Use this: Start → Update Options → Security → Update windows (then Advanced Options for older PCs) → View update history → Uninstall updates.

Start now with the latest updates to make sure the issue is resolved. You

Watch these video clips,if you are having difficulty with this step.

Unfortunately, if nothing works for you, isn’t it time to call a computer software specialist. You may have installed a fresh copy of Windows, depending on the severity of the problem.

In the most important section below, I’ll introduce a few tools that can help you maintain your computer and prevent it from falling into this state.

Repair Tools For And Maintenance Of Windows

Tenorshare Windows Boot Is Genius provides comprehensive software fixes. Try it if you don’t know They don’t feel themselves tech-savvy enough and want them to see everything under a separate cover.

Helps with problems with black or dead screen, etc. In addition, the device can also maintain data during recovery treatment in case of a modern installation of Windows.

The next step is AVG TuneUp. It will help you get to grips with the computer faster. similarly. Avoid problems associated with the infamous black screen m Windows. Can it also optimize your launch strategy, remove conflicting applications and schedule spontaneous maintenance.