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Project 4D Gutenberg Perspectives, Claude Fayette Bragdon.

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Title: 4D Views

Author: Claude Fayette Bragdon.

Release date: April 4, 2004 [Ebook #11906]

Language: set English

Character encoding: ASCII


Produced by distributed proofreaders PG



Claude Bradon


New York

“_Perception has a good fate_.”


There are two notable emancipations affecting the spirit of tyranny
simple decorThe constructions that have received little attention, with the exception of
mathematicians and theoretical physicists.

In 1823 Bolyai spoke of the so-called Euclid’s axiom.
Parallels: “I will draw two lines through any situation, both
which will be parallel, so it will be a given line.” Drawing connected with these lines
leads to the concept of the entire curvature of space, and this to the idea
_upper_ space.

The theory of relativity, developed last week, has spurred
Revision of the concept of time, although used in classical physics.
The result of this was the introduction of the concept of _curved_ time.

These two concepts of warped time and higher realms are very
Nature is bound when it is necessary to fundamentally change human thinking. you relax them
links where the progress of knowledge becomes more and more tedious,
illuminate the poor abysses of conscience, reconcile them
Discoveries, including Western workers inspired by the East.
Dreamer; but above all, consumers offer perspectives, they offer insights.
it might just make us less abandoned.”



Unknown Land – Miracles – Fault of the Mind – The
The function of science – Mathematics – Intuition – Our sense of space –
The subjectivity of space – The need for any extended concept of space.


We learn to think in terms of spaces – from the cosmos as a whole to
Corpuscle – And beyond – Evolution as the conquest of space – Dimension
Sequences – Man-surveyor – Higher and higher, Space.


Searching for the greatest presence in minus-symmetry-other orbital allies
Phenomena – isomerism – movement within the spheres: cell division –
Electric current – the largest universe – a hint of astronomy –
Gravity – Ether of space.


Publican – visions – possession – clairvoyance in space – clairvoyance
in time – Pisgah Views on the Competition of Life.


Time, both in terms of experience and in terms of conscious experience –
Relativity – Spoon Man – Orbital Movement of Time – Materiality
the mirror of consciousness is periodicity.


Sleep – Dreams – Time in a dream -Oriental teachings about sleep
and Dreams – Space in a dream – Pause phenomenon.


Psychic Research – Changing the Past – Karma and
Reincarnation – Experiences of Colonel De Roche.


Eastern physics, as well as metaphysics – Restored memory of the past
Birth – Liberation.


Hermès Trismegistus – Page and press – This is a ship
Captain – Direct and Vision – Plato’s Shadow Guardian – Schwedenborg – Man,
space eater – inside and outside – intuition and reason –
the coil is connected to life.


Immanence – Timelessness – Beyond good and beautiful – Vicious: Demonic –
“Sleep and Oblivion” is a play by Brahma.


Behavior concept – altruism – humility – solidarity – life and openness –
Non-resistance to evil is an immanent deity.



the country

The expectation of freedom is their dominant tone today. In the middle of an accident
armies and the clash of systems like us await the redemptive blow
that will free us from long-forgotten sad bonds. NietzscheSaid like, “It seems we’ve had it before, when we’re a reward for everyone
our troubles, the country is still unknown, you see, whose horizons are equal to zero
we actually saw the afterlife on every island and in every hideout
The perfect man never knew the earth is so full of beauty
Strangeness, doubt, panic and divinity, affecting both our zeal and
our possessiveness is mad with zeal.”

If there is a name you are looking for for this freedom home, it already exists.
who would not hesitate to call this situation the fourth dimension of space.
For those readers who may be clueless, its amazing content is related
seemingly nonsensical phrase, any sketchy attempt in the Age of Enlightenment
will only lead to more confusion. When asked where and
What is the whole fourth dimension, the answer is most likely to be here, within us,
and almost all of us – in a direction that I can never point
because it is perpendicular to all directions known to our team. Our
Space cannot contain it because it contains our space vo. no walls
separating us from this area, even, no doubt, the walls of our flesh
Prison; currently we are not allowed to enter, even if we are already “there”. This
the place of his dreams, the life of inactive people: _at the bottom
North wind_ and _Behind this mirror_.

Here’s how we could do it, add a number by a number and a contradiction
paradoxically, too little profit. Indeed, the method type is an ordered method and
deliberately, as required by the author from his reader
The persistence of his curiosity is possible, certain preparations are needed


Could one of our planes certainly have landed in ancient Athens?
he would have recently gained a place in the Greek pantheon, for the ancients
The idea for a brand new demigod was a man with chicken wings. So why does a man work
so a little surprised ’cause we? We fully understand drivers and their purpose
The entity has clouded our sense of this special greatness. live voice from
Dead man leaves us cold if only our group can be sure the concept is coming
phonograph; but come onLet’s not talk about the vacancy associated with this and with which voice
we fall prey to the same anxiety as the savage
plus this report on a weapon the man has never seen. Illustration

this, of course, determines the nature of the phenomenon: it is
Manifestation of force, experienced purely and counteracting most currents.
thought at the time, so miracles are still acceptable, they
always take over. This is no longer what is pure fact
wonderful when it comes to Baron Munchausen’s inventions, so for now we have
understand: this is all that phenomena are multiplied,
that our employees cannot understand. This growing pressure
Consciousness created from another direction found the need to help you
Believe in something stronger than endless gullibility.
This book aims to meet this need by publishing the spirit of freedom.
emerging spaces; but before he can even begin, the reader
it is necessary first of all to recognize the error in trying to measure
The limits of what is possible with this known ability to see this common sense. And out
It’s not about being healthythought appealing to a vague mind, but about
specific experience.


Common sense barely laughed at Bell, and the strange cry
“I told you!” available at Poor Langley when lo! the voice became
nervous system of the world, and the planes began to multiply, as in summer
flies. For common sense, the alchemist’s dream indicates the transformation of lead
in gold seems absurd, and yet in a hundred radium
Laboratories shared helium and hot chemistry exhibition
Completely reject all our eternal ridicule of the usefulness of the alchemist.
A woman whose mind was really focused on a new direction
silenced your beloved husband’s taunts, by which he determined his gullibility
reminded him that whenever wireless telegraphy was first adopted
exclaimed: “Ah, you can say that this is one of those things that are often not
maybe!” He was betrayed by your canine common sense.

The lessons that such things teach us are summarized in this answer by Arago:
a great scientist who goes to Daguerre’s wife. She wanted him when he
at first thought her husband was going crazy trying
Dothe image is permanent using a mirror. Arago would reply:
“He who says, outside of absolute mathematics, that something is impossible at all
speak for no reason.

Common sense does not necessarily lead to delays, but is always limited in relation to the moment:
convey the common knowledge of everyone today was a secret and
The charm of the day before yesterday and will certainly be the simplest
usual early morning after morning. If only common sense could
few people suspect an ordinary and advanced human guardian
Knowing that at present he is less able to plunge into darkness
what is required of him now. So the passage of perception is closed
rely on reasons and

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