My Bash in Windows Development Environment

Networking is changing rapidly. This post will be deprecated. A new walkthrough for Atmosphere Windows 10 Web Creator is available.

On my new desktop PC, I decided to upgrade to a windows multifunction device. I’ve deliberately kept all Windows command line installations to a minimum, no kidding, unless I’m buying jam. My current installation has three main components:

  • Bash on Ubuntu Windows
  • hyper
  • Visual Studio Code
  • I’ll go over each one, explain how all of the clients fit together, and share some of the pitfalls I’ve come across. About

    Bash Ubuntu On Windows

    What is the best way to get Bash on Windows?

    Bash is supported in the gitlab-runner shell. well you can get Bash Windows because of Cygwin, MSYS2 or WSL. For me, each of our main goals for using Windows to try is to keep the gitlab-ci code shared when you want to build on different platforms.

    I use Bash on Windows (also known as the Windows Subsystem for Linux) on a daily basis to build, manage, deploy, deploy, and package Node and Ruby. It’s Linux running Windows, maybe not some weird utility like Cygwin, but vm , Linux.

    The Windows Subsystem for Linux is easy to install in an instant, with just a few clicks, a few clicks and finally you are ready to race with your newly installed incurable bash.exe application. p >

    Custom Tooltip

    Δ [master $

    First!?] Tip: Get yourself a cool color-coded induction control panel so you don’t look silly without it. I “designed” my own website called EZPrompt. It only truncates the name of the website. And directory-website checks the git branch I’m on to see if it’s clean, dirty, or (modified).>


    Git Sudo Apt Update $ Sudo Git Is Fine

    If You Are Using Github 2FA To Install Clients (and Must Be Using Github 2FA), You Will Need To Generate A New SSH Key And Add It To Your Custom Github Profile. Small Problem: Use “Linux” Directives.

    Install Node -L Curl

    Why can’t I use Bash shell on Windows 10?

    Unfortunately, Windows 10 in case bash is not enabled by default. To use it, you must first activate it, and you can only get it if you have the full anniversary update or other newer releases installed on your Windows and it will run no less than older versions of Windows such as 8 / 8.1, 7, Vista etc…

    $ | bump

    I used to use nvm to manage the Node version, but recently I’ve run into another performance regression that caused bash to start up in excess of 30 seconds. Ugh So what did I find, in my position someone… complained on Twitter!

    Fortunately, someone suggested trying “n”. It’s a node version manager which is hard to map to and google which works very well with the product. The same but api, it starts immediately.

    Install Rbenv As Ruby

    $ to update sudo apt
    $ sudo apt configure autoconf bison build-essential libssl-dev libyaml-dev libreadline6-dev zlib1g-dev libncurses5-dev libffi-dev libgdbm3 libgdbm-dev
    Copy $git the same way as
    $ echo 'export PATH="$HOME/.rbenv/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bashrc
    $ echo Init 'eval "$(rbenv -)"' ~/ >>.bashrc

    If you’re going to use Ruby, you need a release handler to avoid sudo gem hell. To do this, I created the accompanying guide “How to install ruby ​​Rails while running Ubuntu rbenv 16.04” from Digital Ocean. This is Ubuntu, let’s face it. It works great.

    🚀 May I Have A Subsystem?

    It might be interesting to see if your favorite WSL web development tools are available. I am really! I chose a subsystem Can I? to keep track of song parts and which don’t work or.

    Some options don’t work. Sometimes I would say that you can use the Windows system version (e.g. ngrok plus pwmetrics). But for some, this may become an obstacle for your Earth. The good news is that you can see a lot of progress in Insider updates. The stable version of Das Creators Is Update will be a big step forward.


    1. Never replace Windows application formats with linux formats or you risk data corruption.

    2. Add your changes to $path with a great new useful feature that allows you to access Windows applications from anywhere. A by-product of this efficiency is thatBut you’re wasting your time on $PATH, which you can generate by replacing it with automatically applied Windows environment variables. I ran into a problem when Bash tried to use the Windows version of Node instead of the regular Linux version. This does not work. Luckily, it’s all about whether the added path changes look like…

       export PATH="$HOME/.thing/bin:$PATH
    3. From time to time, colors are rendered very poorly. Even with 24-bit color support, shell templates don’t display properly. For


    Hyper Windows products have solved a long-standing problem with “plain” Windows on Engagement. I see this as a requirement for a great Windows developer experience. The two biggest improvements over the standard cmd.exe terminal are that experts say it is tabbed and JSON configurable.-

    1. Tabs While I can even use something like tmux to separate private terminals, my brain only wants upper and lower case. Tab la completes task A, tab la completes task b, and so on. b.
    2. Configuration.It’s hard to explain how important configuration is to a system for people who, in turn, don’t like it at all. Something as simple as changing the colors makes the skin more readable and feels like it belongs to me. Edit In the JSON hyperfile .hyper.Or js, install a nice extension created by someone else.

    Compared to cmd.Manage exe, the colors represent the change in hex values ​​in the Windows registry. A I’m a nerd, even but that’s just fat nau.” code>shell.

    The previous command’s predecessor panel was cmder – it’s still a great terminal – set it up, but that means wading through panels and panes of options screens, nothing is as simple and concise as a Hyper JSON configuration. The design of Hyper tabs is also more elegant.

    By default, Hyper any uses the Windows system prompt. You need to expand bash on the command line to access Bash, but you can control Hyper to use Bash as a workaround in the .hyper.js config file.

    shell: 'C:\\Windows\\System32\\bash.exe'

    NowI automatically open the bash lid. If you need to extract a zone from bash, just type cmd.exe to call it from the system Windows prompt.


  • Installing Hyper requires node npm of its plugins in your .hyper_plugins/ directory. To work properly, you must install a node designed for Windows.
  • As with bash.exe, one or two color themes are displayed incorrectly, highlighting is not explicitly available.
  • Visual Studio Code

    You can avoid the term “Visual Studio”, but Code a is a simple code editor like SublimeText’s Atom or from Microsoft. It has some amazing features that surpass my favorite Atom.

    1. Detecting a Git Diff from within the editor has already saved me a lot of time.
    2. Intellisense is an additional coupon code for businesses.
    3. run editor tasks without starting the command line.
    4. Run NPM with the actual F5 key, this will initiate run npm which starts my local server.
    5. When debugging Node, you can explore Node applications in more detail, such as using the web interface Spector in Chrome.Default.

    at runs process code in a standard Windows system shell. Wouldn’t it be great if you could create new things with Bash? Well, maybe you can! you Just add the following to your home folder:

    "terminal": "C:\\WINDOWS\\sysnative\\bash.exe"

    Now VS uses my Linux code. It’s embarrassing that it works at all, but it’s still amazing.

    Cross The Strange Valley

    Recent changes to Bash and Hyper have all but eliminated the cheating syndrome associated with using Linux windows. In a recent build of Bash on the Insider Windows Fast Ring (15002+), I saw a 10x improvement in Jekyll compile time from 5s to 0.5s. Adding inotify also supports elements that build faster and require fewer workarounds.