About Us

About Nyxbone

Nyxbone is a website dedicated to computer software and hardware reviews. Here, you can find articles on anything from laptops, PC cases, graphics card to phone cases and other accessories. The common goal of our writers is to help everyone out there with their purchase decisions through impartial reviews. Our team also strives to provide helpful information about the latest news in technology as well as other interesting things related to computers and entertainment.

You’ll notice that our content does not come at the expense of readers’ privacy by providing third-party tracking or advertisements that could put them under microscope without their consent. In short, we exist for the sole purpose of giving people unbiased insights on what’s worth buying and what should be passed over without any strings attached.

When it comes to the name Nyxbone, we actually have a story behind that too! It all started when our founder was reading an article about computer hardware and he came across the word “Nyx”. He found it interesting because he had never heard of it before, so he decided to research its origins. As it turned out, Nyx is the Greek goddess of night which made him think of darkness or nighttime basically everything that’s opposite to light/daytime. This led him to create a nickname for himself… And the rest goes down in history – Nyxbone was born!

…And there you have it, folks – That’s what this website is all about! If you share our passion for keeping things simple without sacrificing quality, stay with us. We have great things waiting for you!